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Orange Coffee Flavored Liquer or The 44 Cordial

I snagged this recipe from the Saveur Magazine's web site.  I started this liqueur last night so I'll let you know in 44 days how it turns out. 

Sorry I didn't realize I hadn't updated this. The results are here

I was tempted to try vanilla flavored beans but decided the first batch should be according to the recipe. I need something with which to compare my experiments.

Get a wide mouth jar with a tight fitting lid, 44 coffee beans, a naval orange, a quart of white rum and a cup of sugar (sugar not shown)


Stud the orange with the coffee beans, put in the jar with the sugar and rum and it's ready to hide for 44 days.


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Orange and Coffee Flavored Liqueur, The 44 cordial

beverage alcohol

1 large naval orange
44  coffee beans
1 cup sugar; just over 44 tsp
1 liter white rum; roughly a quart

Poke 44 1-inch slits all over the orange with a paring knife; stuff a coffee bean into each slit.
Put the orange along with the sugar and rum into a wide mouth jar with a tight-sealing lid. Store and let steep in a cool, dark spot, swirling the jar occasionally, for 44 days.

Remove and discard the orange and strain the liqueur through a cheesecloth-lined strainer. Transfer to a clean bottle and store in the freezer until ready to drink.

Serve neat or over ice.

Makes 4 cups

Contributor:  Saveur Magazine

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Can't hardly wait to taste it. Now I'll have to invent a drink using this.