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Jasmine Bistro

We had lunch today at Jasmine Bistro in the Parkway Plaza Mall in El Cajon. It is the sister restaurant to Jasmine Seafood Restaurant
the  best Dim Sum place in town.
It has been a while since I've been to Jasmine Bistro and have I been missing out.
A couple of Lions? greet you street side,


then a nice calming water feature at the entrance.


We ordered hot Jasmine tea. Can you read tea leaves? If it's bad news don't tell me. ;-)


Stan ordered the Sweet & Spicy Chicken. It's "chicken breast sautéed with Jasmine's spices and a sweet and spicy sauce." For the spicy dishes you can specify the degree of spiciness. The waiter asked Stan on a scale of one to ten how spicy he wanted it. Stan asked for a spicy level of five, he wanted to play it safe not knowing if their idea of spicy is the same as ours. He said next time he's going to kick it up a notch. I hope they have a standard by which they go, it could get pretty adventurous if each cook has his own idea of what's spicy. This dish was a real pleasure. The chicken had a little crunch when bit into and the sauce was the perfect balance of sweet and spice. There was what we determined a very thinly sliced spicy cucumber in the sauce. I'd love to find out what they are, I can think of a number of things I could use them in. It was sprinkled with sesame seeds. A definite order again. Stan had fried rice with his and for a non rice eater he really liked it. 


I ordered the Thai Steak..."tender juicy beefsteak cubes marinated, seared and sautéed with fragrant Thai herbs, garlic and chili sauce." Tender and juicy is an understatement regarding this dish. The meat was beefy and juicy. I can't determine what spices were used but not one was overpowering, they all blended very well and lingered in the mouth a while. The vegetables were just perfect, not over cooked. I had the steamed rice with my meal. The sauce was very interesting and not like anything I've ever had. I tried to get more information from them but all I could get out of them was garlic and lemongrass. So now I know the sauce has chili sauce and garlic and lemongrass, heavy on the garlic which was not unpleasant at all.


Sigh....a thing of beauty.


I had a glass of Ravenswood Vintors Blend Zinfandel a "full bodied wine with a robust supple mouth feel and ripe strawberry finish."  I could do more of this.

I they just opened up a sushi bar in August. I was tempted but will try it next time. If it's any thing like their Dim Sum and the rest of the menu it's got to be excellent. There were a lot of people eating the sushi.


When seated you are handed the Bistro menu, a Dim Sum menu and a Sushi menu.

The only negative comments I have are that Stan's meal came out a good 5 minutes before mine and I had to ask again for my glass of wine. Irritants but not enough to keep me away as long as it doesn't happen frequently.

Jasmine Bistro

Caterings and take-outs

315 Parkway Plaza Mall El Cajon