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When the goin' gets tough

Daiso Marukai San Diego

Daughter Vicky treated me to a girls day out for my birthday. The first place on my list was the newly opened Daiso Marukai. Everything in the store is $1.50. I first heard about this store on Kurt's blog
Very few items are priced differently and are clearly marked. The store is immaculately clean and the staff friendly and helpful.


There is a grocery store in a separate building that we didn't go into, Ranch 99 Mkt was on my list also. They have several departments, some being kitchen, dinnerware, stationary, bathroom, beauty, home decor, office items, containers etc... Of course I was mainly interested in the kitchen and dinnerware aisles.


Containers in every imaginable size and style


need any glasses?


Clean store


Here are a few of my finds. Everything I bought was 1.50 each. It is nice merchandise, not at all what you would expect for 1.50.
The first item that went into my shopping cart were some spice bottles and a little basket for my lemons and limes. The spice bottles are 3" high and the basket is 8 1/2" by 6".



Then I found this neat little casserole soup bowl. It's 6' across inside.


Then I scored a couple of individual pasta bowls.


This is what I'm really excited about. Can't wait to see how food photographs on these. I know, I bought another mortar and pestle, hey, I didn't have one that size or style.


I couldn't resist these kitchen papers. I have no clue as to if they work or not, but what the heck, for a buck fifty I can afford the risk. According to the back of the package this should degrease my soup, stock or stew



At first I thought this would be for straining stock, but the picture shows a beverage mug so now I don't know. I was thinking it would work for draining yogurt.



This should work for a bouquet garni



If you feel like getting away from it all you can book a trip before you leave



There was just too much to take in so I think I need to go back.

Daiso Marukai
8111 Balboa Ave
San Diego CA
(858) 384-0240

When we left here we went to Phuong Trang for lunch. I had to have some Pho