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The seventh installment on Foodie Road Trip. See Foodie Road Trip Part Six

Yesterday we drove up from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. We were a little early to check into the hotel and pretty hungry as we hadn’t eaten yet. We drove around looking for Horseman’s Haven. I remember eating there when it was actually in a Texaco gas station. Lucky us we found it right next to our hotel.



We had a combination plate that had a taco, cheese enchilada, rice, beans and posole. Stan had the red I had the green. The red was the best we've had so far on this trip. It has a depth to it. I would almost think the chiles they use are roasted rather than being made from dried.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw posole on the menu as a side item with a lot of the meals. Oh!! am I in heaven! It is nice and spicy with chunks of pork in it. By the way, I make a mean posole myself.


At first I was surprised that the tacos we’ve been served have been made with ground beef. Now that I think back, I don't think I saw shredded beef tacos offered until I went back to California. Not that ground beef is a bad thing, I just forgot about them.
For the first time the rice tasted homemade. Everything on the plate was delicious. I opted for the regular green chile, it was spicy enough and I ate every bite.


After a little afternoon nap we drove around and did some sightseeing south of town. We tried to track down Bobcat Bite but didn’t find it. We got better directions so maybe we’ll get by there today.
Getting on to evening we weren’t very hungry, but needed to eat a little something. We stopped by Blake’s Lottaburger. I’ve been looking forward to having a Blake’s Lottaburger since we started planning this trip.
I don’t want to hear “Where’s the beef” they are so tasty anyway. I did forget to order the double patty though.


A nice relaxing day.