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Foodie Road Trip Part Six

Sixth installment on Foodie Road Trip see Foodie Road Trip part Five.

Sunday was the big cookin’ day. The reason we made the trip. We started congregating at Christine’s in the afternoon. We walked in the house, into a hubbub of activity. Megan was starting her world famous Buffalo curry. She says when she makes it she gets at least two marriage proposals and no leftovers.


Edrena was helping me with the figs while Megan’s parents, Chuckie and Jamie, were sampling the cheese tray.Among other cheese's was Christine’s homemade pimento cheese and Manchego cheese with Quince paste on crackers.


 Megan's finished curry.


Toppings for the curry were, coconut pineapple, basil, slivered almonds, basil, and a few others I forgot. :-(


Christine taught Megan how to make rice without using a rice cooker, she did a beautiful job.


Christine started her marinated chicken paella.


That’s one nice thing about cookin’s, not everything hits the table at once. Everyone takes their turn in the kitchen so there is a steady progression of food throughout the day.

The guys showed up and started their chocolate mousse. 


Well Rich did, Drew and Jeff were working their way through the food that was already out.


Christine's chicken faux gras. A chicken based pate.


My dates stuffed with chorizo wrapped in bacon.


Figs topped with Gorgonzola cheese drizzled with Citrine honey.


Edrina is the pickling queen, here are some of her creations.


Here's a run down of what was served. I thought I got photos of it all I guess I didn't. When I get some photos from the other's I'll edit this post and add them.

Edrena brought her Bread and Butter pickles that have a great zing to them. Nice and spicy. Also she brought Garlic Basil pickles. These are my favorite.


She also brought bluebarb jam, nectarine jam, blackberry jam, habanero pique, fancy cut pickled beets with red wine, pickled cauliflower with red peppers, pickled asparagus, pickled peaches, pickled okra with Texas honey. Commercial green olives stuffed with lemon, black Spanish olives and pickled walnuts.


Christine made chicken faux gras, upside down tomato tart, pimento cheese, Aztec chocolate ice cream and marinated chicken paella.   
Chuckie, Megan's mom made Scottish shortbread 

I made chorizo filled dates wrapped in bacon, goat cheese torte, figs filled with gorgonzola cheese
drizzled with citrine honey, I brought the fixin's for a herb salad with feta cheese, sprinkled with a mix of pine nuts, pepits and almonds and kalamata olive with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, but we didn't get to that or the rack of lamb, that'll go into Christine's freezer. There was just too much food. 

Patricia Hill brought blueberry cherry pie. 

Rich, Drew and Jeff contributed chocolate mousse and some barbershop singing. They didn't have to sing for their supper but it sure was appreciated.

I would say a good time was had by all. Thank you Christine, you are the BEST!!!!!