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Foodie Road Trip Part two

Foodie Road Trip Yahooo!!!!!!

We are getting ready for a road trip. We haven’t been on a vacation in 12 years. Our last vacation was a trip on our Harley to Sturgis, South Dakota for bike week. This photo is a few pounds and hair colors ago.


I dug our suitcases and bags out so I could start packing today. As you can tell, we are not experienced world travelers. The only matching bags I have are Trader Joe’s grocery bags, but dang, are they nice bags. 


One of the participants on a cooking group I participate in on Usenet is hosting a cookin' over Labor Day Weekend.

Cookins’ started years ago. Over a period of time people in the group discovered that they lived close to each other and started getting together at each other's homes to cook, and it just grew from there. We’ve had people fly in from all over the United States and foreign countries to participate in cookins’.

Any number of people participate in these, some are small gatherings, and some are larger. It doesn’t matter the size of the group, it’s the getting together, and meeting each other and eat, eat, eat, oh yeah, and drink, drink, that makes them so much fun.
We’ve had some pretty interesting drinks at some of these cookins’, original takes on Mai Tai’s, Margaritas, Delilah’s etc…… 

The gal that's hosting this one, came to a couple of cookin's we've had here in San Diego while she was living in Northern California. She has since moved to New Mexico, and was gracious enough to offer to host a cookin' at her new place. Last year she set it up for over Labor Day Weekend. I have been looking forward to this trip for a year.
Albuquerque is about a 14 hour drive, but we are going to take two days. I want to take my time, see the sights, and dink around along the way. I want to stop in Hatch, New Mexico the chili capitol of the world, its chili time and a lot is going on.
We’ll be taking the southern route, I know, boring and hot, but anyone can go through the fabulous towns of Phoenix and Flagstaff. Who do you know that plans trips to Lordsburg and Hatch, New Mexico .
We are leaving on Wed the 29th. I have the whole next week off and I’m using it up. After the cookin’ we will be going up to Santa Fe for a couple of days before we leave New Mexico. We’ll  go back the Northern route and stop and see the kids and grandkids in Lake Havasu City, AZ. on our way home.

I made sure I booked rooms with high speed internet so, be warned, I’ll be adding to this as the days go on.

Off to pack some more.