Foodie Road Trip Yahooo!!!!!!
Foodie Road Trip Part three

Foodie Road Trip Part two

This is the second installment on our road trip to Albuquerque for a cookin' see part one Foodie Road Trip Yahoo!!

We are on the road on our way to Christine’s for the cooking this weekend.We are in Lordsburg, New Mexico right now. 

We left at 4:30 this morning. We rented a car for the trip. Our car, that we affectionately call Daisy, has 124 thousand miles on her so we are treating her gently.Daisy doesn’t have an alarm system, but our rental does, can you tell where I’m going?
We got up at 3:30 planning to get on the road by 4:30. That’ll give us wake up and coffee time, and time to finish packing the car. Dang, two people sure need a lot of “stuff.”
Soooo…4:00 Stan’s taking “stuff” out to the car, 4:01 beep..beep..dweeeeep…dweeeeepppp. dooooingggg.. twip..twip...twip.. that was from the car.. #$%%%^^….*%%#@ that was from Stan.

Good thing we don’t have close neighbors.  Alarm figured out, we were on our way at 4:30 as planned. Well, actually. 4:28.
We are having a very good trip with good weather. We stopped in Yuma to get some ice and snacks for the road. Arizona is doing some nice things with their off ramps.


Here are our roadie snacks, the G&T didn’t come out until we hit the motel. I forgot to put the pretzels in the photo.


Wayyyyy on the other side of AZ, almost to New Mexico is a little town called Bowie. Actually, we were looking for a restroom for me and we were lucky enough to take this exit. The restroom took a second with me when I read the vineyard and pecan road signs as we were approaching the town. Thankfully the vineyard had a restroom.


I bought three bottles of wine and a bottle of pecan oil. The Summer Peach wine states it’s a “delicately sweet and fruity white with the crisp taste of juicy, ripe summer peaches. Great with spicy foods, chicken, or just as a refreshing summer sipping wine.”
The Sangiovese “Has a strawberry aroma and nice acidity. Pair with ham, stuffed tomatoes or Mediterranean fare.”.
The Syrah “Features a delighful (typo) nose of black pepper, cassis and cherry, While the palate will detect anise, fresh herbs, and black cherry, with a nice toasted oak finish.”
The Pecan oil deliciously light oil for use on salads, vegetables, poultry, fish and as a marinade and butter substitute.” (


We saw some beautiful scenery and miles, and miles, of trying to be enticed into seeing “The Thing” I’ll pass thankyouverymuch.


We had a nice welcome to New Mexico. Thanks, It’s nice to be back.

We pulled into the motel and checked in at 1:45 p.m. There is a nice grassy area outside the office. On the lawn was a sheet laid out with what resembled tortillas. I found out it is called papdi or Khichiya.



My curiosity and needing ice for my gin and tonic sent me right back, with my camera of course to check this out. The owners of the Motel are a family from India. Yahoo!! I was hoping to learn something new. As I approached the sheet the older gentleman of the family greeted me, even with a little language barrier we were able to communicate as to what was on the sheet, what it was made of etc…. he was very tolerant of my many questions and offered me some (looks like my hints weren’t too subtle) but said it had to be cooked first.
His son, or son in law, I’m not sure who is who, came out and the older gentleman said something to him in their native language, then the younger man told me he would get his wife and she would fix some for me. Her name is Jagouti Patel

Jagouti came out and picked up a couple of nice pieces for me. She said it would be a while because it had to be grilled. I took my ice back to our room and went back to the office expecting to wait in the lobby. Jagouti came out and asked me to come into the back room with her. This turned out to be their private residence. Believe me, I felt very honored.
In the kitchen was the older woman of the family at the stove with a grill over the burner cooking the Papdi. It would puff up and brown as she turned it and flipped it on the grill and pressed on it with her tongs. My nostrils filled with the aromas of exotic spices of another land. Jagouti opened a side drawer and showed me the spices used in making the papdi. It takes a special baking powder just for this. They also shared with me some Indian candy that they have to mail order. I didn't take my camera back with me, not knowing I would be so honored. Perhaps it was best, I wouldn't want to intrude too much.


The delicate papdi now safely wrapped in paper towels inside a plastic bag was quickly rushed to the room to be shared with Stan.

It is very, very, spicy and has cumin.

We made the mistake of going to the Flying J Truck Stop for dinner. You have to have the Truck Stop experience once in a while. This should do it for me forever. Blech!!!. is all I'm going to say.

See you later!!!!