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Watermelon in rose-lime syrup

A foodie's desk

I was sitting at my desk diligently engrossed in my work. I reached for a snack when it hit me, I have a small buffet on my desk. Not just today, this is what my desk looks like on a typical day.
I do have to say that my partner in crime (and mentor and hero Shelly) contributed to this also.
From left to right. The green box, a gift from a precious fellow employee, contains pieces of ginger candy, dum-dums, assorted hard candies and Hershey's chocolate nuggets. Then there's a bowl of Fritos, under the Fritos is a can of lime and chile flavored Smokehouse almonds. The bowl to the right of that is filled with celery and cucumber slices. Behind the bowl of celery and cucumber is a container of organic peanut butter for the celery. In the foreground in the little white cup is Ranch dressing. Then there are Asian pears on a little paper plate on top of a container of those little sweet tomatoes.
I didn't take a picture of any desk drawers, but I will admit to a package of microwave popcorn and a new, :-) unopened bag of sunflower seeds.


So, what's on *your* desk ;-)